September19, 2001

Where do I begin? Since publishing the last Repnow Newsletter #21, the entire World has been awakened to many revelations, concerning many issues: the World Conference Against Racism, the Terrorist Attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, Why and How it Happened?, Patriotism and the American Flag, A New War, Unity and Togetherness, Israeli Involvement, the U.S. Desire for Justice, Freedom, and Revenge, and the very SAD, SAD State of the Victims and their families.

Probably the hardest part regarding the events of the past week is seeing the family members crying out for help in finding their loved ones and reading the profiles of those who lost their lives in the World Trade Center terrorist attack on 9/11/01. How many times did I break down and cry for those finding a way to grieve for their loss. And watching the child leaning on his motherís coffin just tore me apart. I never would have been able to endure losing my mother at such a young age as is this child. And then, I saw replays of Dan Rather breaking down, and that just made me see and feel the pain that much more. I could lie about this or keep it to myself, but Iím telling you the truth.

However, through it all, and because of it all, I am reminded of the documented history of what has happened to my people - Black Peoples who experienced the same terrorism, death, maiming, and tragedy - not in the short time it took to bring down the WTC but that lasted for hundreds of years. However, no one feels our pain, and the powers-that-be could care less. They continue with their plan to sustain racism, discrimination, prejudice, and yes, terror against defenseless Black peoples in the United States and all over the World. Ironically, itís Blacks who suffer most in the United States, a country that has plenty for everyone on this planet except the Descendants of Slaves in America.

At this very moment, President Bush reaches out to all Americans, Whites, Blacks, and other people of color to join together and unite, to be patriotic to America, and prepare to fight and die for freedom and justice served for the people responsible for the terrorist attacks on 9/11. I have yet to see people on television demonstrating against his request for togetherness. Perhaps the media is keeping it all quiet. However, I have heard that there are indeed rumblings against patriotism, as well as against starting World War III.

But what about the World Conference Against Racism? Where was U.S. compassion to simply just discuss the racism and the TransAtlantic Slave Trade that were and are the worst terrorist acts against a people ever recorded in history? The Bush Administration and government has made a complete about face from dismissing our desires and walking out of the World Conference Against Racism to asking Blacks and Whites and all peoples who live in the United States to join with them in praying for America. They want us to pray that these racist White Folks stay fit and strong, so that they can continue to sustain racism and injustice against us? Hmmm. They must think we are gluttons for punishment! My prayers are for the All-Mighty GOD to deliver us from this control and relief from the hardships we face. However, it just seems so ironic that the powers-that-wield-the-pain want us to come together now and support them as they go and get our young men killed, as if we donít experience enough calamity. Given their poignant request, are we supposed to forget all about the racism and injustice that was supposed to have been discussed and possibly resolved at WCAR? Are we supposed to forget about an apology for the enslavement of our forebears and for Reparations for this heinous atrocity? NOT ON YOUR LIFE, MR. SLAVE MASTER! WE WILL NOT REST UNTIL "THE DEBT" HAS BEEN PAID! True enough, the powers-that-be in the United States have their hands full dealing with World War III, but they brought it all upon themselves by meddling and manipulating one country after another. And guess what! Black Folks had nothing to do with it. Weíve always been kept out of their political and economic dealings, especially when it comes to their sharing essential power and wealth.

Right now, we have our own hands full fighting for Reparations, so that we can truly mend from all manner of evils that have kept Blacks divided, uneducated, and ignorant of truth. Resulting from this forced migration and enslavement, whole groups of Blacks out of Africa lost their freedom, cultures, religions, names, pride, human rights, dignity, and right to self determination. And to this date, many of us want it all back, but to us, all the Presidents of these United States including President Bush and his Administration, they have given the deaf ear and denied us these human rights. President Bush recalled his delegation out of the WCAR in Durban, South Africa. How insensitive and uncaring this was in light of peoples all over the World hoping to be rid of racism in order to enjoy better livelihoods. With the U.S. being a most powerful and influential nation, this country could have made a big difference in instituting ways to end racism in all countries and making amends for the Slave Trade, as well as an apology. But this never happened. America walked out of the Conference that was established to help groups that are victims of racism all over the World, and consequently, donít we just know that there will be business as usual. However, they still want us to pray for America!

Now, the United States wants justice served for the terrorist attacks against the WTC and wants the whole entire World to join an International Coalition to work with Americans and be on their side to help attain this justice as World War III is declared on Osama bin Laden and those who are with him. What about the Slave Trade? What about all nations that prospered from the TransAtlantic Slave Trade setting up an International Fund for this cruel and barbaric enslavement? And what about the Descendants of Slaves, Mr. President? We have been fighting for "justice" served for all the terror our forebears experienced at the hands of White Slave Masters and their U.S. government that staunchly supported this crime against Black humanity since the end of Slavery and unto this day.

Ironically, Osama bin Laden wants for his people the same thing the United States wants for America: Freedom, liberty, and justice served for their enemies. The United States would never, ever have a foreign nation parked on its territory, so also is the sentiment of Osama bin Laden and the reason for his hatred of the United States. Yes, bin Laden wreaked havoc, death, and destruction in the United States, i.e., if it is proved that he is indeed the guilty party, but he did exactly what the United States would have done had another country occupied its land. Whatís very sad is that when the United States exits South Asia, it will leave absolute instability, death, and destruction in this region and without caring one hoot about what happens to the innocent men, women, and children. Then the U.S. can prepare to fight a hundred thousand more bin Ladens coming at them from all regions of the World. With so many millions of people believing in this religion, it would appear that the U.S. might be going up against "Islam" - not Osama bin Laden. In my opinion discussing differences would be a better and commendable course of action to take rather than a "New War." But this is what happens when people and nations refuse to resolve issues by way of amicable dialogue.

The Rulers of this World have got to start realizing that intelligence rears its head in all forms, and no one - NO ONE wants to be manipulated or forced to do that which they deem harmful to themselves and/or to others. And not everyone will bow to the demands of dictators or Super Powers, especially not to the United States that practices racism and much cruelty against the Descendants of Slaves.


No one knows the terror that the Slaves felt while being taken from Africa in chains to waiting slave ships. No one knows the terror of the Slaves on the Middle Passage as they were chained in the hold of the ships puking, defecating, and dying as they were crammed like sardines in the ships bearing so many Christian names. No one knows the terror of the Slaves as they were brought ashore to stand on blocks to be auctioned off to the highest bidder. No one knows the terror of being a Slave while being beaten, watching another Slave beaten, watching his leg or foot chopped off, or spouse, child, or sibling being sold to another barbaric and merciless Slave Master. No one knows the terror of post-Slavery: share cropping, Black Codes, Jim Crow Laws, and the terror of all the hardships Whites placed on Blacks fresh out of Slavery. No one knows the terror of the lynchings of Blacks by the Ku Klux Klan and other racist Whites. No one knows the horrendous terror of the thousands of Blacks who were tied and thrown in fires and in rivers. No one knows the terror Emmett Till and James Byrd experienced and the countless others killed by Whites and riddled with bullets by police who are most patriotic to these United States. No one knows the terror of those who marched and demonstrated in the sixties for Civil Rights, i.e., those who were beaten, bitten by police-controlled dogs, spat upon, and hosed by Whites. And no one knows the terror of the Black impoverished who are compelled to live in the ghettoes due to their economic status where are the Black monstrous victims of White control and gross government neglect. No one wishes to truly unite and be joined with Blacks because we are Descendants of Slaves. We are Americaís "Untouchables."

But Blacks have been there for Whites in spite of it all, and are yet there in droves ready to be counted among the patriotic and fight in every World War only to be discriminated against as they yet hold a gun to protect the United States and its government. Yes, itís common knowledge that in the past, the White army personnel told the Europeans not to fraternize with the Black soldiers. Itís common knowledge that many Blacks in all branches of the armed forces have experienced and yet experience prejudice of the worst kind in efforts to gain knowledge and experience necessary for defending the United States, the very country that enslaved and discriminated against them. And although Blacks are still ready to fight for freedom and liberty for our oppressors, they have failed to attain this "freedom and justice" for themselves even unto this day.

No doubt there are Blacks and other people of color more patriotic than are most Whites in this country. So now, what is patriotism? Is it love for your country? Or is it sporting the American flag? And if Blacks do both of these things, are we not supposed to be accepted and treated with respect and dignity? Well, what has happened? Something has gone terribly wrong. Since World War I, and even before, Blacks have been patriotic, fought in wars, and professed allegiance to the United States, and carried the American flag with great pride, but to no avail. We will never be accepted in this White society as their equals no matter how popular, educated, and/or wealthy we are - we will never be their equals because we are Descendants of Slaves.

Since the terrorist attacks on 9/11, many Whites are insisting that every house display the American flag. And Blacks scrambled, as usual, to demonstrate their loyalty to the government of the United States, as well as to the flag representing American terror against us. However, we should know NOT to equate patriotism with divinity. Our help comes from GOD - not a flag. But for some reason, itís evident that these White Folks feel that their flag is a "Savior" for the evils of America.

While the media, President Bush and other members of his Administration and citizens encourage everyone, Black, White, and other people of color to demonstrate patriotism, togetherness, unity, and display the American flag, I ask: "Why? Why now?" What has patriotism, togetherness, unity, and/or the American flag done for Descendants of Slaves but cause us much grief, pain, affliction, and suffering? The American flag represents American policies. Chief among these policies during the seventeenth through twentieth centuries was the enslavement and discrimination against Blacks out of Africa, a people referred to as "chattel" but who by the blood, sweat, and free labor made the Thirteen Colonies wealthy enough to establish the United States of America with and with a legacy to boot that has lasted unto this day. Yes, Blacks fly the American flag and have died for it, too even though this flag defended Slavery. But now, ask yourself this: How many White Jews and Israelis would bedeck their houses, cars, and bodies with Nazi flags? I think you know the answer to that!

Where is "INFINITE JUSTICE" (that we hear so much about) for Descendants of Slaves? Where is our security? Where are those who should be boosting our morale? Where is the compassion for Blacks that the U.S. government exhibits for Israelis, financially and politically, as well as to other foreign countries? Where is Reparations for Descendants of Slaves for all the oppression and tragedies Blacks have endured? Where are the tears for Blacks who have been so mercilessly mistreated for centuries? Are only Blacks and other people of color so unique and special that we can suffer at the hands of our captors and yet still feel emotions of sorrow and grief when they, too, suffer? That may be, but we wonít forget that we want to live in dignity and with pride. NO, WE WILL NOT FORGET! WE WILL CONTINUE OUR FIGHT FOR REPARATIONS!

It is my understanding that the majority of Whites ARE INDEED RACIST. It is also my understanding that President Bush had the full support of White Racist America when he decided to pull out of the World Conference Against Racism in order not to discuss and address the RACISM in America and Reparations for its Descendants of Slaves. Obviously obtaining "INFINITE JUSTICE" is really a plan to perpetuate American policies that sustain White Superiority and Black Inferiority. And Americaís fight in this "New War" is only to insure that their established, racist principles and policies never change. If this were not the case, the Bush Administration would have had a productive meeting at WCAR.

Yet, America asks, why? Blacks and Whites alike are asking for answers for the attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. Can you accept the Truth? If not, then I urge you to come up with a viable answer of your own. But please know, unequivocally, that "the LORD of hosts mustereth the host of this battle." This is it, Folks!

Iíll share with you the explanations that you wonít find in government or in your churches, as these entities have already suggested and said that they have no answers. And yet few people and clergymen will accept the fact that the All-Mighty GOD is involved in the events taking place throughout this planet, today. Make no mistake about it; if the True and Living GOD is GOD of gods, and the Creator of this Universe, you can believe that HE is the impetus behind all events taking place on this Earth and in the heavens. There is no such thing as "Mother Nature" and "Wishing upon A Star." All things are in the hands of the Living GOD that has held HIS Peace for Oí so very long. It is GODís Power, Might, Omnipresence, Wisdom, and ability to make things happen, as well as prevent things from happening that makes HIM the Supreme Being. Indeed, this is what makes HIM the ONE and ONLY GOD of Heaven and Earth. HE is not a man, as we have been taught by the White Fathers of Christendom and by the Slave Masters since the Slave Trade. HE IS A GOD of good and evil (Isaiah 45:6,7) with a plan for the injustice, oppression, affliction, persecution, and wickedness that exists in this World in which we live. And some White Folks know beyond a shadow of a doubt that they must answer to GOD for their ethnocentric ideals that have literally decimated Black Peoples. They must answer to GOD even more so than Osama bin Laden will be answering to them. Actually, there is no comparison, but you do get the idea.

Believe it or not, a change is in the making, but unfortunately, many, many people will lose their lives, all because they will not take heed. And this destruction that is at the Hands of GOD will not discriminate. Those who inflict pain and are responsible for the suffering of others will be held accountable. Why? The reason is that The Most High GOD is calling attention to HIMSELF and bringing down the evil and wicked rulers of this Earth (Isaiah 13th and 42nd Chapters and Jeremiah 30th and 50and 51st Chapters)! And the White Manís Christian concept of "Love thine enemy" is not working, except to go against the naive. No doubt this was and is a guise to keep the Slaves and Black Christians docile and passive. Too many Black folks love the ground on which Whites walk and seek to emulate them in every way possible, but sadly to no avail. Iím ashamed to tell you what I used to believe about White Folks when I was a brainwashed adolescent.

Therefore, for our childrenís sake, we must seek Truth and the True and Living GOD and emulate HIS Ways. This Truth exists. Itís there just waiting for the oppressed and afflicted to tap into its vast resources for knowledge, understanding, and for ANSWERS. Itís the "Old Testament." Read it for the first time but in a different light. Read about Black Peoples. We listened to the powers-that-be, and it has gotten us no where. So now, consider this Message and take heed. White Folks especially should know that they can no longer abuse and misuse GODís Chosen People and continue to afflict and hold us captive. Read about the TransAtlantic Slave Trade in the Bible: Deuteronomy 28th Chapter for starters, and then read "Thus Saith the LORD" in the rest of the "Old Testament." I DARE YOU TO READ IT! IF YOU BELIEVE THAT THERE IS A GOD, THEN YOU KNOW THAT HE WILL NOT PERMIT WHITES TO CONTROL BLACKS FOREVER! They are the head, and we are the tail for a reason. Find out why in Deuteronomy 28th Chapter.

The United States grieves, and I grieve right along with everyone else for I cannot stand to see children, spouses, and siblings crying for their loved ones. I donít know what I would do if GOD took my husband and/or my children from me. No doubt I would fall into a deep abyss of sorrow and depression and never recover. For that reason, my heart goes out to all who have suffered the loss of a family member or members. Nevertheless, people and countries must be accountable for the inhumane sufferings they inflict upon others. Human beings all over the World have endured hardships at the hands of the Nations who rule this World, but itís time now for all this injustice and favoritism to end.

"Tolerant and acceptance of others" is not what truly describes America. You know the truth, I know the truth, and the powers-that-be know the truth! The United States manipulates and uses every country for the benefit and prosperity of American interests and its policies. This is 100% wrong, and brings to light the reasons for the attacks on these United States! One nation should not excel and flourish at the expense of another. The United States should not demand that others work against their own governments and peoples for its benefit and gain. The United States should not cause the sickness and death that the children and innocent civilians of other countries experience under sanctions that America has imposed. The United States should not have dropped bombs on any country, and all because it knows its track record of untold abuse, degradation, and violence, and injustice against the minorities in its country and towards other underdeveloped countries. The United States should not have enabled Israelis, Europeans and other converts to "Judaism" (their man-made organized religion) to afflict punishment on the Palestinians who have lived in Israel for millennia. The United States should not have permitted Israelis who receive billions of U.S. tax dollars every single year to bulldoze the Palestiniansí homes and farms and shoot missiles at their establishments. Either a nation is for "INFINITE JUSTICE" for "ALL," or it is playing a game with the lives of helpless and innocent peoples but is fooling no one. The World plainly sees who the true terrorists really are. LORD knows, the Slaves and Descendants of Slaves have seen and suffered enough terrorist acts to speak volumes about the atrocities inflicted upon us, as well as those we have endured.

The United States should not support and aid countries that afflict and do harm to the peoples who live within their borders. As I sit here typing, the very Israelis who receive endless financial aid from America are pleased as punch and meeting with glee that the United States is preparing to fight battles that are of their making and are for their benefit. Yes, for those of you who are not aware, the United States has permitted the Israelis to drag them into a Third World War with intentions of their becoming the Super Power of the Middle East. Unfortunately for them, the Most High GOD will not let this come to fruition with any significance!

I hope you saw former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speak at the Congressional Hearing on the Terrorist Threat (9/20) on the Fox News Channel. I was not impressed. He came with a list of directives for the United States to follow in order to eliminate those who have been thorns in the sides of the Israelis. Netanyahuís hypocrisy and crock of propaganda and pointing the finger and perpetual requests of the United States for Israeli welfare and warfare, was quite a joke and one that will help blind the eyes of the ignorant if they donít know the GODís Truth. Netanyahu talked about the Israeli fears of Syria, Iraq, Iran, and other Muslim states and their potential to do harm to the Israelis and to the World. But he conveniently neglected to mention Israelís nuclear bomb and its cruel and inhumane terrorist activities that have done and continue to do lasting harm to the Palestinians.

Being the Super Power nation that it is, the United States should have set the stage for real togetherness and unity instead of instilling trauma, corruption, and despair in the Black ghettoes and in Third-World countries. The United States should have considered the Black impoverished who suffer untold misery in its country FIRST, rather than build up the infrastructure of Israel by taking U.S. tax dollars to do so and leaving Blacks with dilapidated residential areas and inferior schools and the rural south without kitchens, toilets, and running water. The powers-that-be never made the suffering of Blacks their concern, but yet they want our prayers for America. Though we cry for the tragedies of America, America never cried with us or for us as we yet suffer these many years. The powers-that-be never felt our pain and never showed compassion as we wished thousands of times that our Black children, at every generation, would not have to suffer so distressingly and so painfully. Our cries and requests for government help fell on deaf ears.

The United States is not oblivious to its great sins and crimes against humanity, especially Black humanity. The powers-that-be of this great nation know well why GOD All-Mighty has brought this damnation down upon this country. Unfortunately, the powers-that-be, all over the World who also are guilty, will indeed pay for all that has been done to those peoples and countries that have experienced destitution, degradation, and much despair at their hands.

Where are the heroes for Descendants of Slaves? Where is awareness for our human rights? Where is justice for all the enslavement, lynchings, and racism and prejudice we face? Where is the justice for all the double standards and the White Privilege that abounds in America that is used against Blacks and other minorities? Where is the patriotism on which Blacks and other peoples of color can depend? Personally, my patriotism is to My GOD and HIS Ways and HIS true and honest Paths HE established a long time ago that are designed to sustain righteousness among all peoples regardless of skin color.

I, therefore, appeal to the powers-that-be to let justice be served for the TransAtlantic Slave Trade by paying Reparations for the free labor and cruel enslavement of our forebears and let all Descendants of Slaves leave this America and return to our cultures and countries of choice if we so desire, where we can pursue true happiness and worship freely. And Reparations also should be given to those Descendants of Slaves who choose to remain in the lands to where we were taken captive. In any case, we must establish secure dwellings for our children. They are our progeny and our future, and we want a better way of life for them by all means necessary. Enough of the racism, racial profiling, police brutality, and excluding our youth from significant health care and quality schooling.

We are not giving up the fight for Reparations NOW IN OUR LIFETIME! We are just regrouping and preparing for a more significant stand against the powers-that-be who forcibly enslaved our forebears and destroyed our history, culture, and everything good that we established and represented.

President Bush asks, "Who targeted America, and why?" Does he and his Administration and the other powers operating in America think that the affliction of Blacks throughout the World and other people of color will go on forever without GOD intervening for those who have no voice but yet pray to HIM???


The ONE True GOD of Abraham and Moses (the GOD of the "Old Testament") has targeted America and all countries for its enslavement and ill treatment of those it holds captive - GODís People, Black though they may be. This is not to suggest that all Blacks are Hebrew Israelites because this is not the case. However, GOD most certainly is the impetus behind this "New" World War in the making before our very eyes, and the sooner people realize it, the sooner they will know how to avoid HIS Wrath! So, read the "Old Testament," wherein is written "Thus Saith the LORD" for a better understanding of the Chosen Blacks in the Promised Land!!!

By the way, RHazard988@AOL.COM has a wonderful plan to establish a community of Descendants of Slaves in Africa. If terrorist acts are expected to continue against the Super Powers, as we are being told, you would want to relocate somewhere, right? Incidentally, meetings are right now in the planning stage, and Brothers and Sisters are invited to participate. Tell RHazard that Afraqueen sentcha!


Tziona Yisrael


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