By Leah Baht YAH, Age 12.

The Shabbat is a day that The Creator gave to man to remember the creation of the earth, and when He placed man on it. The Shabbat takes place from the sixth dayís evening to the seventh dayís evening, or as the Greeks may state it, Friday evening to Saturday evening. God created the waters above and below the heavens, the land that we walk on, the fruit, herb, and cattle that we eat, and then man, and on the seventh day of all of His work He rested. He blessed this day and hollowed it for all man. They were to rest their body, mind, and souls on this day. Man was to keep this day holy from generation to generation.

I think the Shabbat is a day to separate your self from all distractions and focus only on The Creator. I think that it is a day to recollect God and ask for forgiveness for all of your sins. Itís also a day to learn about your nationality; learn about your fore fathers and where you came from, or better yet, more about where you came from because we should already comprehend that. Itís a day to praise The Creator and thank Him for every thing that you have in you life and ask Him for the things that you want in your life. This should be done every day, but on this holy day the prayer should be much greater and devotion toward God should be the same.

People are confused about when the seventh day is because Europeans have convinced them into believing that the first day of the week is what they call "Monday". So our people are forced to believe that the first day is "Monday" and the seventh day is "Sunday".

I think that the reason why Christians are confused about who they are is because, our brothers and sisters donít have the time to go out and explain to people about who they really are and where they came from. Our fellow Israelites are too busy working for Europeans, and helping them distract the minds of our people to sin, to go out and help give people the understanding that people lacking it need. I might be young and may not know a lot, but I know enough to go outside everyday and at least tell someone something that will capture their attention about their true nationality. Experiencing a lot of arguments about who is really God to my friends has made my understanding about my nationality even stronger because I always learn something new in their argument that builds up some more information in my mind to explain to them. And I think that makes me a stronger Israelite when I know more about where I came from. Then I can practice the laws and understand them, and I can also help others who donít know them.

I think to be a strong Israelite you not only have to do the laws that God commanded, you also have to teach others the laws and help them understand just as much as you understand. It doesnít help if just one of us, out of billions, knows the laws, because the billion that donít know them will be breaking the laws. None of us can get to our promised land unless we all learn to do the laws.

I think God put man on the earth to do one thing, and that thing is to serve Him. And to serve Him we have to do the laws, statues, and commandments that He left for us. By not obeying the commandments and being distracted by Europeans, we are disobeying The Creator, who will force us to pay a price. All we have to do is get our people together, obey His laws, respect the Shabbat day, and know that there is no God like Him, and we will be home free.

All the nations are gathered together,

And the peoples are assembled;

Who among them can declare this,

And announce to us former things?

Let them bring their witnesses,

that they may be justified;

And let them hear, and say: ĎIt is truth.í

(Isaiah 43:9)