Copy of letter addressed to Mary Robinson U.N. High Commissioner for Human RightsPalais des Nations1211 Geneva 10 Switzerland

*****The LawKeepers, Co.*****
Canaan is the Land / Jerusalem is the PlaceWhere My GOD Has Said HIS Heart Would Be

P.O. Box 840367, Al Burj Post Office
Amman 11184 Jordan

December 1, 1998
Mrs. Mary Robinson
U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights
Palais des Nations
1211 Geneva 10 Switzerland

Dear Commissioner:

Re: The African Slave Trade and Its being A Human Rights Issue And the Black Hebrew Israelite Request for Reparations for Relocation to Jordan for Establishment of A “New Community”

I am writing to you in behalf of The LawKeepers, Co. with hopes that you will aid us in our pursuit for happiness and for an opportunity to serve and worship our GOD, the GOD of Moses, according to the Laws HE established for the Children of Israel.

Although we are Black and many of us live in the United States, we are the Seed of the Biblical Israelites and have significant and verifiable evidence to prove our identity. Because of our great Sins against our GOD and defiance to worship only HIM, we were scattered throughout the four corners of the globe and made to be slaves to foreign Nations. But now, we have returned to our GOD and HIS Law and seek to return to the lands where our forefathers once lived. Jordan is just one of these areas. We have written to many people requesting assistance in this regard, but to no avail.

Commissioner, you speak out for Human Rights and desire to denounce atrocities against human beings and to work for victims of this offense. We are aware of your Web page ( HYPERLINK http://www.UNHCHR) and your profound efforts to aid those who suffer mercilessly. And we are most encouraged by your duty “to ensure leadership on human rights issues.”

Therefore, we beseech you to appeal to the President of the United States for our desires to relocate to Jordan and re-establish ourselves with reparations for the inhumane atrocities against our forefathers, Black Men, Women, and Children out of Africa at the time of the African Slave Trade. This act of inhumanity was indeed “forced migration” of the worst kind for four hundred years, and we seek restitution for the free labor that established the United States, as well as many other countries as economic giants with the blood, sweat, and tears of our forebears. Hence, the pursuit for restitution should be from all countries involved in the trade of human bondage.

Madame Christiane Taubira-Delannon, a Member of Parliament in France, has “proposed legislation recognizing slavery and the slave trade as crimes against humanity” and seeks reparations for this heinous offense. Please collaborate with her and with Congressman John Conyers of the United States government, as he also introduced a bill for reparations for the African Slave Trade.

With reparations for our cause, we wish to purchase and complete the construction of a building with thirty-two apartments, build a K-12 school for our children, purchase surrounding farmland and farm equipment, construct a health clinic, and obtain small business loans for our livelihood. The funds we seek are miniscule in comparison to what the United States grants other countries. With great pleasure, our school and health clinic will also serve the Jordanian peoples.

Reparations for the descendants of slaves remains a poignant issue all because Blacks do not merit the same respect as do people of other races. It’s unfortunate that we have not even been afforded an apology, which only further proves that our concerns are completely disregarded. It would be most heartening when one day the governments of the World, environmentalists, protectionists, animal rights activists, and others will make a stand to eliminate discrimination and race hatred and replenish this globe with justice and equity for all Nations without regard for skin color and economic background. I can see this happening, Commissioner, and it will be most glorious and absolutely divine when it does!

Enclosed, please find copy of letters sent to President Clinton and to Deputy Christiane Taubira-Delannon, Member of Parliament in France, regarding this most distressing matter. And we hope that you will give our plight your heartfelt considerations, as this issue is indeed a human rights dilemma that has gone unresolved for a very long time.

We look forward to hearing from you real soon.

Tziona Y. Nelson
The LawKeepers, Co