To The President of these United States


President Bill Clinton
President of the United States of America
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
Washington, D.C. 20500

Dear Mr. President:

Re: The Establishment of an International Fund for Reparations for Surviving Descendants of the Triangular/African Slave Trade

It is most disheartening to continue to write to you month after month for over two years without the courtesy of your not ever addressing the Reparations issue or responding to our letters. Your disregard for our concern is just another grim reminder that Black peoples have no voice and earn no respect in this White World. Do Whites seriously believe that we have no feelings and no aspirations to better ourselves? Though the founding fathers of America deemed us chattel, we are not. We want the best for our children just as you and anyone would want for theirs.

In any case, please understand that we are undaunted and will never abandon our efforts to achieve restitution for the pain and suffering of our forefathers and for the injustice that we endure. We must persevere for better lifestyles for our children and for ourselves, and Reparations is the only means of accomplishing this long sought goal.

We have used only diplomacy and careful discretion in approaching you for help in this regard, but you have turned to us a unsympathetic deaf ear. Please know that our commitment and genuine sincerity in appealing to you only demonstrate that we will continue to labor for Reparations for which we are due so that we can move on and establish better communities for Black People wherever we choose to live.

Your constant disdain for addressing the Reparations issue attests to the continued U.S. bias in favor of European and American Jews and disregard for Black America. This group gets your undivided attention, high posts in your Administration, and U.S. tax dollars in the billions and $100 million annually towards the upkeep of a Holocaust Museum that highlights a catastrophe that didn't even take place on American soil. (Where is the Black Holocaust Museum depicting the atrocities that our forefathers endured on American soil?) In addition to this, European Jews have been aided to secure their monies in Swiss banks at U.S. tax payers' expense, etc., etc., and the list goes on. The settlements that the U.S. dollar builds throughout Israel is more evidence of the favoritism the United States dotes on European Jews while Blacks yet live in controlled ghetto environments with the worst education provided for U.S. citizens and with communities resembling nothing at all comparable to those of the European Jews in Israel. It has become more than obvious that the U.S. government has an ongoing goal to aid European Jewry whatever their request, ad infinitum. Now, Israelis are requesting as much as $65 billion to pay for peace with Syria and for the removal of its military forces and relocation of the Jewish families out of the Golan Heights. When does fairness and equity and this same charity come into play for Black people in America? And please don't try to compare the billions the U.S. government gives to Israel with the pocket change given to Blacks on welfare. There is a striking difference of which I am sure many will agree.

Unfortunately, Mr. President, the European Jews that you favor tarnish the U.S. government and your presidential image after you and the government grant so many billions of annual dollars to them only to have them make promises and break them at their discretion. How can you have so much respect for a group that manipulates the U.S. government and that is the biggest welfare recipient ever, and then have so little regard for Black people who help pay the taxes that you send to Israel? Is this "justice?"

Many groups of Blacks have requested Reparations for a Black Holocaust that enslaved tens of millions of Blacks and murdered just as many for centuries. To this day, because of this enslavement, Blacks still suffer from our horrendous degrading and cruel past. Discrimination, race hatred, prejudice, and modern day lynchings yet exist and the White privileged are the only ones entitled to enjoy the fruits of labor and the pursuit of happiness in the countries that have dominion over us.

You know this to be fact, yet you continue to refuse to address our requests for Reparations that would give us the opportunity to establish new and quality communities for Black people. We must be able to re-educate our own children and re-teach them the culture and traditions we lost due to Slavery. We must provide an environment conducive to raising the self-esteem of our youth and make them proud of the color of their skin. We must establish a healthy climate that differs from the dangerous ghettos in which our people now live so that our children will not fill the billion dollar prisons built for them. Therefore, with our portion of Reparations, we must relocate to friendly countries where discrimination and race hatred are not tolerated.

The United States has had 135 years to eliminate prejudice and injustice against descendants of Slaves, but the efforts to do so are null and void. And anything resembling justice is only to validate the racism that exists and to use this tool for obtaining political service or self-serving agendas. Even after the end of Slavery, governmental Black Codes and Jim Crow laws took its place further stigmatizing Black people in the United States and all over the World unto this day.

The First Lady, Mrs. Clinton, just recently went on national television, in her bid for the New York senate seat and an effort to reach the Black vote, admitting to the racial injustice that yet permeates the U.S. society. She admitted to the "indignities Blacks still face" in the United States, the "dreams deferred, and futures denied," and that "racism still divides the human heart in America." Thus, Mrs. Clinton validated the existence of prejudice, White privilege, and injustice in America, but she never said what she was going to do to eliminate it. And then, right behind her speech, Mr. President, you followed with your State of the Union Address confirming the First Lady's assertions that discrimination does indeed exist (in "the home of the free"). You even mentioned supporting another Civil Rights Bill. Obviously, Civil Rights Bills are not the answer to establishing "justice for all" and ending the biases that exist.

However, knowledgeable Blacks are not at all surprised at your vocal intentions or the First Lady's acknowledging the disparities and discrimination against Blacks in America. Every White candidate running for office uses the same ploy to get the Black vote, and then when the candidate becomes the civil servant, race discrimination becomes an oblivious issue. Our children need not have to live in such a society and in fear of one day being rejected not because of a lack of education but rather because of the color of their skin. Our children should not have to fear another "Black Wall Street" atrocity of 1921 that happened in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The powers-that-be in the United States totally ignore the degradation we suffer and our desires for a healthy demeanor, spirit, and environment for our children - all because the U.S. system is fabricated for enabling Blacks to fail. How can you, in good faith, accuse China or any other country of atrocities while cruelty, barbarit!y, and inhumanity toward Blacks permeate the economic, political and social systems on your own soil?

We have been deemed an insignificant and inferior people long enough, Mr. President. Therefore, we are determined, with the help of the All-Mighty GOD, to rise above the degradation and the humiliation we endure in America and in the rest of the White World.

Once again, we ask that you authorize and support an International Fund for Reparations for Survivors of the Triangular/African Slave Trade and give Black Americans an equal opportunity to establish their own communities/settlements, comparable to that which European Jews build in Israel with our tax dollars. And to do so, we need housing, K-12 schools and Cultural Center, farm and farm equipment, Health Center, and funds for establishing small businesses. We want to "stand on our own feet and solve our own problems." And no one can do this better and more equitably than those of us who genuinely want a positive change for Black peoples.

Mr. President, we cannot revive our forebears for you to apologize and make restitution to them. However, we can make it possible for them to rest in peace knowing that their deaths and free labor for many generations for the White founding fathers of the United States was recompensed so that their posterity would have a better chance at life than they did.

Resolving the Reparations issue, Mr. President, would show all the World that Colonial America and the United States is committed to making amends for the worst Human Rights atrocities that ever took place on this globe in its enslavement of defenseless men, women, and children. And compassion for the Survivors of Slavery would demonstrate a strong U.S. desire to stop the atrocities and inequities committed against Blacks today. To fulfill this objective is to do more than just admit to the discrimination and injustice that exists in America. That which is of great significance is for the powers-that-be to be about correcting the gross inhumane crimes of the past and eliminating the unfair and immoral issues of the present. And we must be given the choice of leaving the countries that enslaved us. But we are yet to see these sincere acts of justice manifest in the United States or in any other country that prospered economically from slave labor.

Mr. President, the All-Mighty GOD is saddened at your stark partiality towards the different groups. HE has always taught against oppressing the poor, the fatherless, and the widow, but rather HE speaks of showing them mercy and compassion (Zechariah 7:9,10). But you have thrown money at the rich and chosen to ignore the destitute and those in serious need of many necessities. Please know and understand that in GOD's Wrath HE Judged us because we rejected HIM and HIS Law (Deuteronomy 28th Chapter). Now, we have returned to HIM to be obedient to HIS Law. And because of HIS Love for us, HE has demonstrated HIS Manifold Mercy and is calling HIS Chosen People home.

We appeal to you again and again to enable us to pursue happiness and peace of mind for ourselves and for our children. But more importantly, we beseech you for an opportunity to serve and worship Our GOD as HE has ordained in HIS Law. Therefore, because we look forward to liberation and genuine freedom, we must speak with you regarding this most serious matter, as soon as possible.


Tziona Y. Nelson

The LawKeepers, Co.