January 24, 2000

I have received several E-mails in support of "REPARATIONS NOW!" And one person thought that he sensed anger in my tone. Please permit me to clarify this misunderstanding. I don't know why Blacks are looked upon as being enraged, radical, and/or irate just because they stand up for their rights and speak out about topics others dare not touch. This is not about anger, bashing other groups, or provoking a race war. On the contrary, this is about using our intelligence to achieve what's rightfully our. This is about the TRUTH that concerns a Black Holocaust of major proportions and consequences and about remedying the matter by a peaceful and just means.

This is about obtaining HUMAN RIGHTS for Black peoples who are suffering from the miseries dealt us by those who took us captive hundreds of years ago. This is about everyone of us climbing out of an abyss of unquestionable hell that has divided Blacks, kept us ignorant and uneducated, destroyed our will to excel creatively, and sustained untold despair and depression among our people. And literally, at least one member in every single Black family on this globe is affected by the racial injustice, prejudice, and discrimination that we endure all because we are BLACK and descendants of Slaves. This is about finally realizing that all of us in masse can make a difference if we band together and demand the same justice, assistance, and privileges that others enjoy at our expense! This is about establishing a legacy for our children and one that will last forever! If we don't start now, then when?!! Too many Black men are in jail, on drugs, in gangs, or are dead. Which one of our children, husbands, brothers, uncles, or friends is next? It's not maybe. It's who is it this time? We have got to do something about this heart-wrenching dilemma that Blacks face, and we must start NOW! It's up us to save our children or they, too, will follow the same unbeaten path that will eventually destroy us all. But you know this, right?

If my tone emits anger, please forgive me, for that is not at all my intention. My intention is to be a voice and expound on the one alternative that Blacks have not tapped - Reparations for my people and an opportunity for Blacks to better themselves. We constantly hear about the so-called fact that most Whites are not racists. Well, there are about 200 million Whites in the United States. Where is that fraction that are not racists? Can we use that same fraction for the Senate or the House of Representatives? If so, then where are those who are NOT racist? Why aren't they speaking out for justice for Blacks and supporting Reparations for survivors of Slavery? Don't we know by now that as long as we keep a low profile and not make waves that we can only depend on empty promises? The Lord knows that I hope my tone emits concern, because if situations for Blacks do not improve, then the billions this government has put in building prisons will prove to be a sound investment
In regards to our acquiring Reparations, I cannot stress enough the importance of waving and using the voting ballot this election year to encourage candidates to establish an International Fund for all Nations that took part in the Triangular/African Slave Trade and Reparations for descendants of Slaves so that we can be about establishing quality lifestyles for ourselves and for our children. Let your vote count for that man or woman who will work earnestly in our favor and who will go on record saying that he/she will indeed support this cause. Candidates know that this is a very simple procedure, and if they want to get elected, they will know exactly what to do. Don't allow them to play games with you! Let them know that this is the deal and according to your terms. And share this information with everyone you encounter. What have we got to lose??? More importantly, what will happen if we do not take this approach?

DO NOT permit these candidates to confuse you with their not understanding exactly how these funds will be allocated. These monies will be for Black folks and for our determination as to how they will be proposed for our progress and prosperity. Blacks have been in Communities established by Whites long enough. Now, it's time for us to manifest Black Communities conducive to raising our children out of the ghetto and quagmire that has completely destroyed our people.

We need to build quality housing and fashion Black neighborhoods our children will be proud to call home. We must have our own educational system and re-teach our children according to our standards and ways that will make them admirable citizens of the World. White folks have had their chance to teach OUR CHILDREN, and they have failed miserably. Now, it's our turn, and we have the expertise for it! We must build our own Health Centers, complete with exercise stations, spa, pool, and recreational room, where we can learn about herbal methods for curing common ailments and where we can also learn healthier eating habits. Some of us who choose to leave the countries that took us captive and wish to establish Communities in friendly countries, might want to consider establishing a farm and will, therefore, need to also purchase farm equipment. In addition to creating our Black Communities, we will need funds to establish our small businesses. This is what Reparations is a!l about - giving Black folks the chance to pursue happiness that we have never had. We just have to do what's necessary to make all this a reality

Many, many people will want to establish these Communities in Harlem, Watts, South Central L.A., Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta, countries in Africa, the Middle East, etc., etc. There is nothing wrong with this, but it should be understood that the Reparations Funds must benefit "Communities" of Blacks and individuals who wish to start small businesses. This is the best approach that will assure an opportunity for everyone to prosper from Reparations.

The LawKeepers is not the first group to express the need and the right for compensation for the Triangular/African Slave Trade. Many groups in various parts of the United States are involved with efforts to obtain Reparations, and for some it's been a long-ongoing battle with the government that has thus far taken over forty years. But if we establish a united front and together demand Reparations for improved living conditions, we will get it. The last thing this man wants to see is another Black Million Man/Woman March in any major city and certainly not in Washing, D.C. But it's time, My People - it's time for a Peaceful March of all Marches that will make a major difference and impact on the way Whites look at Blacks. White folks are not going to speak out for us. They never have, and they never will until we give them reason to do so.

Get the WORD out that we are tired of living like Third World citizens in the "land of the free" where there is supposed to be "justice for all" in the "greatest and the richest country in the World," and that we want a change this election year. We want our legacy wrapped in one package: REPARATIONS NOW for descendants of Slaves so we can move on and finally better our lives!

Hence, if you truly believe in supporting an International Fund for Reparations, then let us form an alliance to meet this objective. If you can only offer your voice, then please by all means do so but make it loud and clear. That is probably the greatest assistance you can provide other than to be involved in a peaceful demonstration in a major city and in Washington, D.C. But whatever you do, don't just sit and do nothing. We are known for complacency and passiveness. Let Congressman Conyers (Michigan) understand that he has got to move on this issue, and that we are watching closely for his input and progress in this regard. Let him know that we want him to fight for Reparations as hard and as fervently as he did for President Clinton when he was facing impeachment.

Congressman Conyers' E-mail address is:

Also, it is important to write to your Congressmen and Senators and let them know that you're serious about their supporting an International Fund for Reparations for survivors of the Triangular/African Slave Trade. Make a real impact, call first, and then send them a letter. Write President Clinton and all the candidates running for President. A suggested draft follows for your written participation for our cause. And please don't just send it via E-mail; send it by the postal service, as well. Let them be able to see and hold a letter of substance!

It's time for Black folks to establish our own platform. We so desperately need a Human Rights/Civil Rights Group that will work in our favor. We need such a group that is accessible with a person to answer the telephone rather than a machine stating that the voice/mail box is full. We need honest and serious minded, young, Black blood in positions to take charge and be the vanguards for raising Black peoples all over the World out of the mire, degradation, and indignities that sustain us.

If you are a college student, then encourage your Black Studies Professor, Fraternity, Sorority, and Black Student Organizations on your campus to also get involved in the REPARATIONS NOW demand for justice and compensation for our pain and suffering. WHAT HAVE WE GOT TO LOSE? Anything is better than doing nothing! More importantly look at what all we have to gain if we earnestly and constructively work together!


The LawKeepers, Co
. P.O. Box 1254
Bear, Delaware 19701



Dear ____________________________:

Re: The Establishment of an International Fund For Reparations for the Survivors of the Barbaric And Merciless Triangular/African Slave Trade

The World has witnessed the European Jews' successful acquisition of Reparations totaling in the billions for the European Holocaust that lasted some thirteen years involving death in the gas chambers and slave labor.

However, Blacks have been fighting for Reparations for decades to no avail. There has been no apology or Human Rights Activists' outcry for the descendents of Slaves whose forebears were enslaved for centuries and who are the genuine victims of the worst ethnic cleansing known to man. The Slaves endured forced migration, heinous and inhumane bondage without mercy, rape, maiming, beatings, and death numbering, by some sources to be at 100 million. Consequently, the descendants of Slaves have lost land, culture, religions, right to self-determination, and our names, as we yet bear the surnames of our slave masters.

And as a result of enslavement of Black Peoples, to this day, People of color yet suffer miserably from prejudice, injustice, and discrimination and are looked upon with disdain because of our past. We lack empowerment and involvement in the equal distribution of wealth and self-determination not just in the United States but all over this globe. Thank GOD that Mrs. Clinton has confirmed and validated the many injustices that we face today.

History records that as a result of Slavery, European countries and the Americas prospered and amassed untold wealth and became economic giants and World leaders due to this enterprise in human bondage. Accordingly, why isn't there an International Fund for descendants of Slaves in place to which every country that participated in the Triangular/African Slave Trade can donate financial assistance to compensate descendants of Slaves for the worst bondage recorded in history?

We appeal to you to, the powers-that-be, to fight for us in this regard just as you have fought for European Jews, Japanese, and Native Americans to aid them in receiving compensation for the atrocities committed against them.

I look forward to hearing from you concerning this very important matter.

Respectfully yours,