December 15, 1999

So many situations restrain and block the progress of Blacks and other people of color, yet we have no one to blame but ourselves. We ignore our dilemma and plight and are neglectful and remiss to do a thing about it. Let's stop talking and shaking our heads and become activists for our own cause!

The WTO (World Trade Organization) recently met in Seattle, Washington for a conference, but their efforts were overshadowed with serious demonstrations by White folks exhibiting their right to "Freedom of Speech" and their dismay at the World Trade participants' agenda. The demonstrators know that the WTO will hurt them in the long run and make the rich richer, as usual. They made it known loud and clear to the whole entire World that they had a beef with this organization.

These White demonstrators got immediate attention, and their voices were heard. And the government acted quickly to make sure their concerns were taken into consideration by the WTO participants. Even President Clinton supported their right to "Freedom of Speech" to voice their opinions.

But Blacks faced with constant persecution, poverty, and injustice are like sheep going to slaughter. We say nothing and keep on trekking to our demise and utter destruction. And those of us who are not killed, continue to accept the pain and suffering and grin and bear it in untold misery. Consider the following:

How did forced migration cause the Black Man's prevention of self-determination? The answer is easily found in the form of definite measures to keep an entire race of people the underdog, unassertive, and inferior to the dominant race.

FORCED MIGRATION, FORCED SLAVE LABOR, LOST IDENTITY, LOST CULTURE, LOST RELIGION, LOSS OF FAMILY MEMBERS, LOSS OF FREEDOM, LOSS OF LIVES, LOSS OF HOPE, LOSS OF NAMES, LOSS OF EDUCATION AND CREATIVITY, LACK OF ASSIMILATION, LACK OF EMPOWERMENT, LACK OF EQUAL OPPORTUNITY, LACK OF EQUAL DISTRIBUTION OF WEALTH, AND PREVENTION OF SELF-DETERMINATION all played a part in completely destroying the Black man on this Earth and thoroughly preventing his economic and political empowerment in this World. And no European country, Western nation, or Human Rights Organization is making a genuine effort to right the wrongs done to the many, many groups of Black peoples unto this day. There is no doubt that Blacks are the real victims of "ethnic cleansing" that is the loud cry of Human Rights advocates, but not one of the Human Rights Ministers seeks to correct the wrongs against the real victims of centuries of atrocities.

Isn't it time we called attention to our dilemma? Isn't it time we raised our voices to get word out on the streets and in the media that we, like the demonstrators in Seattle, are not going to tolerate any more injustice against Blacks? Aren't we yet ready to band together for a Million People March for an end to inequity and White Privilege and an end to government's deaf ear to Black concerns?

When will we stand up and be heard and demonstrate for that which is due us? And I am specifically speaking of REPARATIONS for descendants of Slaves for the deaths of as many as 100 million Slaves, free labor, pain and suffering of our forefathers and Black folks unto this day and for all the other cruel and barbaric acts committed against us! Don't we yet realize that we have been all but destroyed as a People? Don't we yet comprehend that our men are becoming extinct and our children are becoming prey to this controlled society that maintains the haves and the have nots? Don't we understand that it's only been through demonstrations and loud clamor that has caused the powers-that-be to even turn their heads in our direction? The peaceful and diplomatic Million Man March scared the living hell out of this man, and unfortunately, absolutely nothing came of this humongous gathering that had the potential to call attention to all racist issues and put Reparations on the Congressional Agenda. Had this happened, then these events would have led to the consideration for resolution of every Black dilemma that exists on the face of this planet. Blacks in other White dominated countries would have gained a wonderful learning experience. However, some Black leaders, concerned about Jewish funding, didn't bother to attend and others failed to follow through with the purpose of the March and missed a fantastic opportunity to magnify attention to our most serious problems and requests.

This very moment, European Jews are fighting for thirteen years of death and economic loss in the European Holocaust when the Germans forced their parents to labor without pay. And you know what? They will get these monies that are in Swiss banks mounting to a billion plus dollars. You can bet on it! They are already receiving Reparations for the thirteen years that Hitler killed their parents in gas chambers.

Why can't we come together and demand same from our persecutors and in like manner? Just as it was the right of those Whites in Seattle to voice their concerns, so is it our right to air ours. The founding fathers of the Thirteen Colonies were able to establish the United States with Black-blood money from the trade in our forefathers. Today their descendants are still filthy rich with land, businesses, and wealth due to the African Slave Trade. Let's make our voices heard and understood that we are due Reparations, and that we won't take no for an answer.

We are the true victims of ethnic cleansing, but we sit back and keep a low profile with a worthless don't want to rock the boat attitude. And we do nothing and say nothing to better our lives for ourselves and for our children while every other race and Nation except us benefits from U.S. tax dollars. We must never forget that the TransAtlantic/African Slave Trade has involved long-term, unending sufferings for Blacks in Africa, Europe, Asia, and the Americas, and as a result, there is ingrained hatred for us all over the World. We are termed inferior to Whites, and no doubt one of the reasons is because we lack the courage and stamina to get involved with matters that require fighting intelligently for our rights!

I beg of you to participate in a movement that will work towards Reparations for Black Peoples, so that we, the genuinely oppressed and persecuted since our arrival into exile, can be heard on college campuses, in the media, on the Web Sites, in government, at the United Nations, and all over the World. It is time that we be recompensed and provided with restitution for barbaric and brutal crimes against our forefathers and against us, as well. Therefore, let us band together and send this notice to every Black person you can so that we all, like every other group requesting funds for atrocities, will make an outcry with a united front and demonstrate for that which is rightfully due us.

There should be a Fund established for all Nations that took part in the TransAtlantic/African Slave Trade, and it should be established immediately!

We are requesting that you please provide us, The LawKeepers, Co. with donations so that we can be financially able to work towards obtaining Reparations through corresponding with groups, organizations, government, and the World Community towards making these funds available to Black Peoples for human rights violations against us. We will also be working to obtain land, housing, school, health clinic, farmland, and farm equipment abroad for Torah Hebrew Israelites seeking to leave the United States.

Something has to be done, and now is a good time for us to start doing it!


The LawKeepers, Co.