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Letter to Black America, Leaders, the World and Friends of Hebrew Israelites

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Reparations for the African Slave Trade

I am writing to you in behalf of The LawKeepers. We are descendants of the Hebrew Israelites who unfortunately were among the hundreds of thousands taken into captivity during the time of the African Slave Trade. We can prove our identity to be that of the Biblical Israelites as thoroughly and as precisely as we can prove that we are the descendants of those who endured this inhumane and evil bondage in the United States and other Imperialist countries and for centuries.

We have in our possession a copy of the 105th Congress 1st Session H.R. 40, A Bill cited “as the ‘Commission to Study Reparation Proposals for African-Americans Act’” dated January 7, 1997. We are very much encouraged that Congressman Conyers and the 105th Congress have taken the liberty to requite African Americans for the pain and merciless suffering of our forefathers. There is no question that this is the worst crime against human beings recorded in the annals of history. And we cannot permit the descendants of the founding fathers of the dominant race to minimize or forget our poignant past and their atrocities that have sustained us second-class citizens to this day.

People all over the world need to reflect on the horrors of slavery and how this market in human bondage was and yet is a human rights issue because of “forced migration” and how descendants of slaves are affected in the political, economical, and social systems on this globe. And not under any circumstances is enough attention given to the past and present atrocities that took place and continue to occur to people of color on this globe.

Americans are ashamed of the fact that the founding fathers of the United States were so inhumane and merciless and could treat a people with such cruelty without justification but rather for the sake of insane greed for economic gain. Hence, they should be obligated to pay restitution for this horrible crime of Slavery. And all countries involved in the African Slave Trade should also contribute towards this cause.

There should be continuous programs on the history of Slavery, its repercussions, and the control of people of color in this late Twentieth Century society and not just during the month of February. Members of Congress, Celebrities, affluent people of color, and all other willing participants should come together to voice concerns for restitution for Slavery. There should be all kinds of walkathons, telethons, singathons, etc., to raise funds in order to get the attention of the World to support our right to reparations.

White Jews will not let the World forget about the European Holocaust, and they receive restitution for this horrible crime that lasted from the late thirties to the early forties, not to mention the billions of dollars they are seeking for their monies left in Swiss banks. Not too long ago, there was talk that they wanted restitution for the “slave labor” that also took place at the time of this Holocaust. Their motto is “Never Again.” Hence the reason much information is continuously broadcast in the media about their past. And you know what? No one complains about it, either, but rather their cause is widely supported in education, the media, and in politics, as well.

Unfortunately, Blacks are treated with less respect and are frowned upon at the mention of the African Slave Trade and a request for support for Black issues. Yet this is the worst crime against humanity ever to exist upon this Earth, and it lasted for centuries. However, we are encouraged to forget it ever happened and move on. O’ how some of us, descendants of these slaves wish we could forget, move on, and pursue a life of genuine peace, justice, and happiness for us and for our children! I beg of you to read Ellis Cose’s book Rage of A Privileged Class. In this book you are provided the opportunity to hear true encounters of educated and affluent Blacks who are most unhappy with race relations in the United States, and who wish they could move on and be accepted as mere talented members of society. These educated and hard working Blacks want with all their hearts to establish a harmonious society for themselves and for their children in the United States. But they can’t, no matter how hard they try. And you know why? It’s because “Slavery” has stigmatized all people of color.

I must be honest. I am not one of those descendants of slaves who wants to forget. I want people all over the World to have vivid memories of my horrible and most poignant past. I want more movies like “Beloved” and even a museum on the Black Holocaust to be established. I feel like the White Jews – “NEVER AGAIN!” And like them, I also want reparations for the hateful and merciless crimes involving bondage, separation of beloved relatives and mothers from their children, rape, murder, maiming, oppression, persecution, and subjection.

Since last year and every single month beginning with January 1998, we, LawKeepers have written to President Clinton regarding USAID/Reparations for the African Slave Trade. Our request is for the establishment of a “New Community” for those of us who seek to Exodus to Jordan to worship and serve the GOD of Moses and to keep HIS Laws as they are written in the First Five Books of the Old Testament. These are our desires for our portion of reparations received from this human bondage. We want a building with thirty-two (32) apartments which needs to be completed, the construction of a K-12 school for our children, a farm and farm equipment, a health clinic, and small business loans for our livelihood. Considering what the US government grants other countries, this is but a droop in the bucket. We have yet to hear from President Clinton. However, we recently wrote to Congressman John Conyers, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Mrs. Mary Robinson because of the “forced migration” that was involved in the African Slave Trade, and to a Member of Parliament in France, Madame Christiane Taubira-Delannon who is introducing a Bill for reparations for slavery. We are writing to others with hopes that for once the knowledge of the African Slave Trade will gain momentum and will encourage the more affluent to promote restitution for those of us who are descendants of these slaves.

We are descendants of the Biblical Israelites and have significant and verifiable evidence of our identity. Actually, the African Slave Trade is a direct fulfillment of the curses upon the Nation of Israel prophesied in Deuteronomy 28th Chapter and Deuteronomy 32:26 because of our forefathers’ great Sins against the GOD of Israel. Hence, the reason that promoting information about the Slave Trade is of such great importance to those of us who know our true identity and who seek reparations to worship and serve our GOD in the lands where our forefathers once lived, so we can do it right this time.

You may or may not know that we are not accepted by the White Jews as being the Seed of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and have therefore sought to live in Jordan to keep the Laws our GOD gave to the Prophet Moses for the Children of Israel. Jordan is where two and a half of the Israelite tribes lived (Reuben, Dan, and the half tribe of Manasseh: Numbers 32:19-42 and Joshua 22:5-10). Please take advantage of your position and help those of us who choose to relocate to Jordan to serve and worship our GOD where once our forefathers lived. Our hope is that you will approach President Clinton and Congress in our behalf so that we can exercise our First Amendment rights to freedom of religion.

We look forward to hearing from you real soon
Respectfully yours,
Tziona Yisrael

NOTE: Tziona Ysrael can be reached at Afraqueen@aol.com or by writing her at: The Lawkeepers Co., P.O.Box 840367, Al Burj Post Office, Amman 11184 Jordan

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