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December 26, 1999

Mrs. Mary Robinson
UN High Commissioner for Human Rights
Palais des Nations 1211 Geneva 10

Dear Mrs. Robinson:

Re:   Human Rights and Reparations for Descendants Of the TransAtlantic/African Slave Trade

Once again I am writing to you in behalf of The LawKeepers, Co. who are interested in receiving Reparations for our pursuit to live in a friendly country to start a new life in returning to our Hebrew Culture that involves serving and worshipping Our GOD according to HIS Laws that HE gave to HIS Prophet Moses.

We have written to you several times now, Mrs. Robinson, but we have not received one response from you regarding our dilemma and circumstances to resolve our Human Rights' issues.

Please do not lead us to believe that discrimination and hatred of Blacks is so profound that even the Human Rights Commissioner is also against assisting us to obtain justice from the atrocities that once plagued the enslaved and continue to plague the descendants of slaves unto this day.  You are quoted as having said, "I will go on listening and will continue to speak out for those who have no voice or whose voice is ignored."

Mrs. Robinson, we have no voice, and we are completely ignored when we speak out for justice and equity.  And it's as if the powers-that-be are oblivious to our plight and our concerns.  We are victims of the worst ethnic cleansing known to man.  We have lost our identity, our language, our culture, our lands, and our names - evidence of which is that we still bear the names of our Slave Masters.  We have endured hundreds of years of atrocities even after the Emancipation Proclamation.  It's 1999, rolling into the twenty-first century and horrible lynchings still are committed against Blacks.  If the police are not beating or shooting Blacks on the streets to death, then mobs of Whites are burning Blacks or tying them to the backs of trucks and dragging them until they are dead.  What must we do to be heard? Why are we completely ignored by those in positions purposefully to serve the oppressed and persecuted and employed specifically to give shape to the notion of equality, justice, and human rights?

Do we not deserve to speak at the United Nations so that the World Representatives can at least hear our predicament and concerns and determine if we are worthy of receiving a right to worship freely and a right to self-determination?  We desperately want to better our lives and live in environments free of race hatred, whereby, our children can be proud of themselves and their culture.

We have also written to UN High Commissioner, Mr. Hamid Gaham to apply for NGO status and guidance that will enable us to participate in the "United Nations World Conference Against Racism," and he has not responded, either. There is no doubt that we are a people scorned and ridiculed, but no matter how we try to change peoples' feelings about us, we are unsuccessful.  And we are using very careful diplomacy as we write to you and to others for help. Although it would appear that neglect of our issues is due to the fact that we are descendants of Slaves who were once categorized as chattel and grouped with animals to be exhibited and sold as beasts of burden, we would prefer to believe otherwise.

Must we be ignored and degraded forever?  Are descendants of Slaves not privileged to lay claim to Human Rights?  Do we not have a right to return to our Spirituality? It was forced migration that took us far from our borders, that took our freedom, took our dignity, our rights, and our voice to be heard, Mrs. Robinson.  Therefore, what about us?

You say you speak for those whose voices are ignored.  Well, our voices have been ignored since we were captured and taken from the shores of Africa and enslaved throughout Europe, the Americas, Asia, and Africa and on whatever land that was controlled by Europeans.  That's been since the fifteenth century.

Please help us to stop the abuse and horrors against Black Peoples all over the World.  I am sure that if an International Fund is established for the Descendants of Slaves, that many countries that prospered from the TransAtlantic/African Slave Trade will willingly contribute abundantly towards this cause in order to permit Blacks to establish their own Communities in friendly countries and to return to their culture and religion and permit them to re-educate their children.

These are our desires, Mrs. Robinson, to speak at the United Nations and the establishment of an International Fund for Descendants of Slaves, and we seek your help in this regard.   Please let us hear from you.


Tziona Y. Nelson
The LawKeepers, Co.