By Cohan Michael Ben Levi.

Very few people have read the Bible in its entirety. Fewer people have read and researched the Bible in its orginal tongue. Therefore, true understanding of the Bible does not exist among the masses. Few people would admit that they have never really read or understood the Old Testament. It would also be hard for them to say that their real knowledge of the Bible is in the New Testament. Many people have been brainwashed. What they know and understand is what they have been told, rather than what they have read, investigated and understood for themselves.

In order to understand the writings of the Bible properly, a person must read the Bible in the order the history evolved. Therefore, one must first read the Old Testament in its entirety, beginning in Genesis the first chapter and first verse. The genealogy must be researched and understood in addition to all other unfamiliar information. Bible reference materials must be used to clarify unfamiliar terms and concepts if one is to gain true understanding of the things recorded.

Whenever we hear or read a statement in the Bible we should realize that the Bible is made up of many books. These books have been divided into two major collections. The first collection of these writings were canonized to form the original Hebrew writings into what is known as the Old Testament. The second collection of writings form the New Testament which is a canonization of the Greek writings.

. In Judaism, the New Testament is rejected because they realize it is in contradiction to the Israelite teachings found in the Old Testament. The Edomites who founded Judaism, spoke Hebrew and were present during the rise of Christainity. Jews study the Old Testament much more that people in other religions. They also read and study the scriptures in the Hebrew language. Jews are responsible for some original translations of the Old Testament writings into other languages. Jews, have always studied Hebrew more that other religious orders.

.With the Christianization of the Negro slaves, who are the nation of Israel, came the fulfillment of the prophecy to confound them through the worship of gods of wood and stone, which literally meant idol or false gods. The worship of JC whom many believe is god, became the chains of confusion on the brains of the Israelites. Confusion set in and the truth was sealed. (Isaiah 29:9-11) In addition, we were taught the New Testament by our Christian enslaver. We have been told that the Law has been done away with. A lie. The Creator's Law is forever. We have also been taught that JC died for our sins. Absurd...a lie! Worse than all that is we have been brainwashed into thinking that if we just believe what they have told us in their doctrine of falsehood, we will never die.

Many people would be surprised to know that Christian concepts developed in the Roman Catholic Church and were later amended in other denominations of Christianity. Catholicism, is the mother of all Christianity. However, there are other branches of Christianity which differ in doctrine. Even the concept of the trinity of God was opposed by the concept of monotheism and caused a split within the early church hierarchy. The concept of one God still exists even today in the Eastern Coptic Church, as a result. The Nicaea Creed represented the outcome of the debate over this issue in the days of Emperor Constantine.

Emperor Constantine's conquering symbol was the sign of the cross. With the symbol of the cross, he established Christianity through war and bloodshed. Prior to the establishment of the Byzantine Empire, Christians were viewed as heritics and were severly persecuted. An investigation into the rise of Christianity in Rome will show that the Popes were guilty of many hideous crimes. In later times, ships were also blessed by Church leaders, while these same officials of the Church taught that Black slaves were cursed by God. The Bible was used to justify their claim. Blacks were considered the children of Ham. The defenders of the plantation owners quoted the words in Genesis "cursed be Cannan" before many court magistrates. One particular ship was named, The Good Ship Jesus." Today, the original history of how this popular dogma called Christianity, was founded, has been forgotten by many people and never known nor understood by far to many others, especially Blacks.

Many people believe that because there are milllions of Christians throughout the world it's doctrine must be true. Yet, the manner in which it has spread has not been considered. They think the great numbers form a majority which is interpreted as some kind of success or victory. However, the fact of the matter is whom the Creator supports is the majority. The power to establish truth with a few righteous people is no more dificult to do than with a great number of people. (See Gideon's Army, Judges 7:1-7) There is absolutely no difference!

The World stage has been bombarded with enormous corruption. Confusion is widespread. Most societies of the world have corrupted their ways. There is great despair everywhere. Nations are in desperate search for answers and solutions to enormous problems of every sort. In the streets of the world, there is a strong sense among all people that the end to the present reign of religious and political powers is near. If so many people are right why has God decreed only a righteous remnant will be saved? An earnest investigation into Biblical history will show that there has been a gross distortion of the truth in Christian doctrine which was taught to the slaves. The Negroe's love for God and worship has been exploited. European Christian conquerors througout used the sword to enslave the bodies of their slaves and reversed it to form a cross which was used to enslave their minds. In no way, was Christanity the only religion forced upon Negro slaves.

In this regard by no means does Christianity stand alone. Many people thoughout history have imposed their spiritual beliefs upon their captives. This includes our Israelite ancestors under King David. Islam was also forced upon many people of Africa who were conquered by Moslems centuries ago. In no way is this intended to be an attack on Christians or Muslim individuals, these are merely historical facts. There are sincere and good individuals, who practice both of these religions. Within my own extended family there are relatives, whose persuasion has been to expouse both these religions and their beliefs. These happen to be people whom I love and respect. However, this personal respect and love for them does not alter the historical facts.

Most Negroes would say that they would like to know the truth about their history and heritage. Nonetheless, few are willing to handle the pain and sorrow that comes with the truth. The fact of the matters is "the truth." hurts. As ones' wisdom increases so does one's sorrow. The greatest pain and sorrow is the truth; which will cause the destruction of what has been taught though Christian indoctination to to the Negoes.

For many Blacks, Christainity, is a very sensitive issue. Trampling on their beliefs causes great pain. Through Christian doctrine, God has been created in their minds as a man. In fact, in the minds of most people who have been indoctrinated by Euro-gentile relgious beliefs, God is a white man who looks exactly like those who conquered and subdued them. This simply is not true. Europeans know this is not true. Why then were we taught this and why do many of us continue to perpetuate and support this falsehood? The answer is simple. It was a means of exploitation. They continue to exploit our ignorance. We have paid a dear price for not knowing the truth. The truth has a price, with perhaps some measure of pain and sorrow. But, the cost for not knowing the truth is much greater.

The overwhelming evidence in the teachings of Moses and the prophets of Israel indicate that the Creator is the spirit of all flesh and he does not change. (Malachi 2:10) This point is consistently maintained throughout the Old Testament. In Genesis 1:1; we are told that the spirit of the Creator hovered over the waters in the beginning of creation. Numbers 23:19 and 1Samuel 15:29 and Hosea 11:7 each of these precepts states: God is not a man. They also state God is not the son of man. From an Israelite understanding, the Creator is the spirit who made man, placed the breath of life (spirit=rurah/Hebrew) into man and caused man to become a living soul. It is an abomination to relegate the Creator to the position of a lowly man, an image, or any creature in the universe. This fundamental concept in the Old Testament, was changed in the New Testament. Christianity is viewed as idolatry in light of Old Testament teachings.

There is no place on earth where people would accept their history from the hand or pen of a foreigner. Negros must view writings in the Old Testament as their own and also understand that the writings in the New Testament are teachings of a foreign people. The Negros are mentally and spiritually confused. They are in a state of amnesia concerning their history and orgins as a people.

Any falsehood embraced by Blacks, has been activitly encouraged and even financed by the establishment as a whole. It is to their advantage that Blacks world-wide remain mentally and spritually asleep. Initially, to educate a slave was forbidden in American society. The Black man and woman has been viewed as a sleeping giant who no one wants to awaken

Nevertheless, this sleeping giant is awakening. Israelites are becoming conscientious through a gradual process of enlightenment. However, many Blacks remain ensnared in a mesh of confusion within their own minds.

The enlighten remnant is strategically kept out of the media. In recent times the strategy has been to allow some Israelites to appear in national television on shows calculated to discredit them. Israelites who are able to discuss the issues intelligently and are equipped to clarify the issues do not receive much exposure as those who are not knowledgable of historical facts.

Ecerpts from the book; Israelite and Jews:TheSignigficant Difference by Cohen Michael Ben Levi