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Canaan is the Land / Jerusalem is the Place
*Where My GOD Has Said HIS Heart Would Be*
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       June 27, 2000

P.O. Box 57048
Atlanta, GA 30303

Dear CureAfre:
                 Re:   A Regional Seminar for The Americas

I am writing to you in behalf of The LawKeepers, Co. to express the dire need for a Regional Seminar for the Americas to examine the issues of African Americans.  Therefore, please realize that we are in support of the U.N. recommendation of this Regional Seminar.

Please be informed that The LawKeepers, Co. is a spiritual Organization with belief in the GOD of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and our plight and objective is to be able to serve and worship our GOD freely, and be permitted to leave the lands of our captivity.   As you already know, Blacks in the Diaspora are the real victims of ethnic cleansing, as we have lost our culture, lands, religions, education, and even our names due to the Slave Masters who completely stripped us of our dignity and replaced it with degradation, misery, and affliction. Plantation slavery is "Civil Death," therefore, the United States and all countries involved in the Triangular/African Slave Trade are in direct violation of Article 27 of the International Covenant On Civil and Political Rights.

We, descendants of Slaves have no legacy. And are, therefore, due Reparations payments for the enslavement of our forebears, as well as, for the continued oppression, repression, degradation, and suffering and modern-day lynchings, unjust execution and lethal injections, police brutality, falsified charges, race hatred, discrimination, and prejudice that ensued long after the Emancipation Proclamation and unto this day.

After being forced to the lands of our captors and since the end of Slavery, we were never given the opportunity to be relocated back to our lands. Because we are victims of ethnic cleansing, we need the aid of all white nations that took us from the shores of Africa and enslaved us to facilitate our migration to stable and friendly countries that do not tolerate race hatred and discrimination.
Therefore, we appeal to you, CureAfre, to promote debt relief to all nations that permit descendants of Slaves to reside in their countries, i.e., debt relief from ALL white societies that prospered from the African Slave Trade.

We want an opportunity to pursue true happiness and live in environments free of the race hatred we endure in the lands of our captors.  Give us a chance to experience true freedom and liberty to live our cultures, worship and serve our GOD, educate our children, and provide adequate health care for our betterment.  We want to teach our children that although we were once Slaves that we are human beings and deserve the right to live in peace and prosperity for our welfare.
The Clinton Administration continues to aid the European Jews for their Holocaust, an atrocity that took place in foreign lands.  But yet he discriminates against the Blacks who are the victims of the worst Holocaust ever recorded in the annals of history that entails forced migration, cruel and barbaric enslavement and free labor and ethnic cleansing of the worst kind that lasted on U.S. soil for hundreds of years.  We have written to President Clinton regarding this matter every single month for two years, and he has never once called or written us to address this issue.  This is blatant discrimination of which he and the First Lady speak against but do nothing to resolve the oppression and prejudice we endure in these United States.  The U.S. President perpetuates the same harsh racism known to the Slave Masters.  Do we not have the same rights under the Human Rights Commission as have European Jews?

We appeal to you, CureAfre to address the issue of Human Rights violations committed against descendants of Slaves and those of us who want to improve our lifestyles and leave the degradation and impoverishment in these United States and other countries that took Blacks captive out of Africa?

There is a "debt" to be paid for the U.S. enslavement of Blacks out of Africa, and it is only fair for the United States and all countries involved in the African Slave Trade to establish an "International Fund" to resolve this Reparations matter, that I assure you will not go away, and the relocation of all descendants of Slaves who choose to leave the lands of their captivity.

With our portion of these payments, we, LawKeepers of GODís Book of HIS Law given to the Prophet Moses, seek to be relocated to Jordan to establish our own community of housing, K-12 school, farm (with farm equipment), Health Center, and establish small businesses to sustain ourselves.  Please give us and ALL Blacks the opportunity to move on and heal from the pain and suffering we endure, and also to forgive those who have destroyed many, many generations of Black Peoples.  This can only happen if we are permitted to lead our own lives and use our own wisdom and discretion to better ourselves which is an alternative we have never been provided.

With all my heart, please, CureAfre, appeal to the powers-that-be to correct the wrongs committed against Blacks and other people of color.  We do not want the enslavement and murder of our forebears to be in vain.  Reparations are due us and is our means of being given a new chance at life and true pursuit of happiness.


                            Tziona Y. Nelson, Exe. Secretary

                            The LawKeepers, Co.