Copy of letter addressed to John Conyers US House of Representatives November 24, 1998

*****The LawKeepers, Co.*****
Canaan is the Land / Jerusalem is the PlaceWhere My GOD Has Said HIS Heart Would Be

P.O. Box 840367, Al Burj Post Office
Amman 11184 Jordan

November 24, 1998
Congressman John Conyers
U.S. House of Representatives 669 Federal Building
231 West LafayetteDetroit, MI 48226
Dear Congressman Conyers:

Re: Reparations for Black Hebrew Israelites

We have watched your support of President Clinton over these past few months as he publicly deals with disheartening personal matters. Your standing by the President is quite admirable, and I am sure that he is most appreciative in this dire time of great need for your undying respect and concern for his welfare.

I am writing to you in behalf of The LawKeepers, Co. seeking your assistance to gain reparations for our relocation to Jordan, involving housing, a K-12 School, farmland and farming equipment, a health clinic, and small business loans for our livelihood in our “New Community” in this most friendly country. We very much require your congressional influence to expedite this matter for us and to be as genuinely supportive of our plight as you have been of the President’s.

We have written to President Clinton for over a year regarding this matter, but he has not responded to our pleas for assistance in any form. I might add that he has received a letter from us regarding this matter every single month since January. Oh how we wish that this powerful man were as supportive of our cause as you are of his legacy. We have also approached numerous Congressmen and Senators, the Black Caucus, The Rainbow Coalition, The NAACP, The United Nations, Supreme Justice Clarence Thomas, Rev. Al Sharpton, Mr. Ted Turner (CNN), and literally scores of others, but to no avail. Because we are Black, we are not afforded the same respect as is given other mainstream groups – not even by our own people. Although we have conducted ourselves in a most respectful and diplomatic manner, we feel humiliated and dejected due to the lack of regard and respect for our religious concerns. Is this not our human right to serve our GOD and live according to what HE has Commanded and as it is written in the Scriptures of the “Old Testament?”

Even President Clinton in his visit to China a few months ago, attempted to instill within the Chinese people the most inalienable privilege of all human beings when he stated that all should be able to “worship freely however one chooses.” And he added in the words of Thomas Jefferson that “all eyes are opening to the rights of men and women everywhere.” Aren’t we included in this “inalienable privilege?” Isn’t it our right, also to worship freely? Surely Thomas Jefferson was having second thoughts about his owning slaves when he made this statement.

I have already moved to Jordan, but there are others who choose to relocate here also but want our planned “New Community” more defined and more of a reality than an ideal before coming. Congressman Conyers, we desire to return to our true heritage. We are descendants of the Biblical Israelites and can verify our identity. With all our hearts, we desperately desire to worship and to serve our GOD as did our forefathers and live under the Laws, Statutes, and Judgments our GOD gave to the Prophet Moses

Because you occupy a reputable position in Congress, please help us to fulfill our dreams, as it would appear, that no one else with power and authority is concerned about our religious desires. Yes, we are Black, our ancestors were slaves, but today we pay taxes and deserve to be heard, recognized and respected under the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution concerning “freedom of religion.” Not to mention that most of all, we also deserve restitution for the heinous and merciless bondage our forebears endured under the African Slave Trade.

We have not received restitution or any manner of reparations for this crime and not even an apology. However, the Japanese have received funds for their forced occupation of internment camps. And the United States has aided White Jews to not only receive reparations from Germany for the European Holocaust, but also the U.S. government has played successful role in the retrieval of funds from Swiss banks for the European Jews. If the U.S. government can grant Israel a minimum of $ 3 billion U.S. tax dollars every year, surely Congressmen can find it in their hearts to amend the evils of the African Slave Trade. Because many countries were involved in this human bondage, the U.S. government can also appeal to them to help us, the descendants of these slaves, to re-establish ourselves with our GOD and to live in peace with the peoples of Jordan.

In case you were not aware, Madame Christiane Taubira-Delannon, Deputy from French Guiana and a Member of Parliament wrote, “the African slave trade should be declared a crime against humanity.” Madame Taubira-Delannon urged France to set up a commission to study whether descendants of slaves should be paid reparations (Jordan Times Newspaper dated October 22-23, 1998). Please Congressman Conyers, please join Madame Taubira-Delannon in her efforts to rectify the wrongs against Blacks of long ago and their descendants of today who are yet affected because of the Slave Trade and due to the discrimination and race hatred that exists in the economical, social, and educational systems throughout this World.

We beseech you Congressman to do what you can to help us make things right with our GOD and to serve HIM as HE has outlined. This is our wish to practice our spirituality and one for which we have great respect. We just want to follow our Hebrew way of life in the same lands that our forefathers occupied and lived under GOD’s Laws for HIS Praise and Glory.

Looking forward to hearing from you real soon.
Tziona Y. Nelson
The LawKeepers, Co.