By Tziona Yisrael

No where in the Laws of the Most High GOD of Israel is there made mention of the Judaic practice of "Conversion." And the only use of the word "convert" is in reference to changing from doing what's wrong to doing what is lawfully right (Isaiah 6:10). There is not even a suggestion of "conversion." The Holy ONE of Israel gave HIS People HIS Law to follow, Judges, and the Priests, the Levites, to minister before HIM in HIS Holy Temple and to serve HIM and the Nation of Israel in teaching them and pronouncing righteous judgments (Leviticus 10:8-11; Deuteronomy 17:9, 24:8).

The Law states, if an Israelite male sees a foreign woman and wants her for a wife, then she is compelled to shave her head, par her nails, remove her raiment of captivity, and bewail her father and her mother a full month (Deu.21:12). There is no mention of a "conversion" process. And under the circumstances, surely this practice would have been mentioned at this time if it were indeed Law and a practice that the Nation of Israel should accept. The following is also significant information that we cannot dismiss:

When the "Strangers" seek to observe Passover, they need not take classes in conversion for six to twelve months before taking part in this most Holy observance. All the males need do is get circumcised (Exodus 12:48) and all others must observe the Passover as it is written in GOD's Law. I might add that not even the Jewish Hagadah observes Passover as it is written in Exodus 12th Chapter. The Jewish Passover entails much celebration that is not even mentioned in Torah, but it is taught at the time of this "Conversion.." But that's another can of worms.

When the Children of Israel left out of Egypt, they didn't undergo any "conversion" due to their lack of knowledge of GOD's Law. If the Most High didn't have them do so then and didn't have the Stranger undergo a conversion practice, why must anyone do so now? The Holy ONE of Israel gave to Israel the Prophet Moses, one of their own kind (Deuteronomy 18:15) to teach them HIS Law to LIVE and to DO it in righteousness. It is GOD's Law that must be learned and kept forever - not used pretentiously as is "conversion" and other Talmudic or rather Judaic practices that differ greatly from GOD's Precepts and Ordinances.

Not one of us had to go anywhere to learn that we are born Israelites and must keep GOD's Law AT ALL COSTS. And Judaism certainly does not acknowledge our affiliation to the GOD of Israel or to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob in any way, shape, form, or fashion. Hence, why convert to "Judaism?" I do not understand!

To undergo Judaic Conversion is to imply that one is not a "Jew," and in the eyes of the Rabbinate, it also implies that one is not a Hebrew Israelite. Keep in mind, that if one isn't, then no manner of "Conversion" can say or do otherwise. You cannot make a descendant of Japheth a descendant of Shem. Can a cat convert to a dog just because you can get it to bark?

When a so-called Jew can prove that his/her mother is "Jewish" usually from European/Askenazi descent (if not a citizen of Israel), then no conversion is necessary. These folks may have documents proving they are "Jewish," but will eat pig, work on GOD's Shabbats, and will not observe the Holy Days as they are directed to do so in GOD's Law. Also, once a person undergoes conversion, if this process is so meaningful, then why won't the Jewish Rabbis sustain observance of these "Judaic" practices? Actually, the converted individual is at liberty to do whatsoever he/she desires - after they get that piece of paper.

GOD gave the Israelites Priests to judge and to guide the Nation of Israel on HIS Paths. We were not given the Law and left to LIVE it on our own. But we were in constant interaction with the Levites, the Priests. Three times a year, Israel was compelled to go to Jerusalem to worship and rejoice before the Holy ONE of Israel (Exodus 23:14). When Israel sinned against the Holy ONE, they had to make amends and sometimes the penalty was death. Get real! No Jewish Rabbi can take the place of an Israelite Priest from the Tribe of Levi. And there can be no substitutes!!! Hence, they cannot assume to convert anyone. Perhaps to "Judaism" maybe, but never to GOD's distinguished Word: HIS Laws, Statutes, and Judgments. NO Edomite or Ashkenazi Jew or Stranger can be a teacher in Israel. All our leaders must be of genuine Israelite origin. And no body's "Oral Law" has place alongside GOD's Law for our guidance.

Conversion is a component of a fabricated religion fostered by racist and powerful people for their control of "Who is a Jew" and their regulation of the "Law of Return" in order to prevent GOD's Chosen People from going home. And please know that it is ludicrous for an Israelite to study Hebrewism under anyone who is not of the Seed of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, as this is going against GOD's Word. GLORY YIHOVAH!

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