Copy of letter to All Congressmen

****The LawKeepers, Co.*****
Canaan is the Land / Jerusalem is the Place Where My GOD Has Said HIS Heart Would Be
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December 24, 1998
Dear Representative:

Re: Reparations for Descendants of Slaves

I am writing in behalf of the LawKeepers who are descendants of the slaves involved in the African Slave Trade. We seek reparations for this atrocity in order to relocate to Jordan to pursue our Spirituality under the First Amendment to worship and serve our GOD, the GOD of Moses.

Enclosed are letters that we have sent to the President of the United States, Congressman Conyers, who has introduced H.R. Bill 40, The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Mrs. Mary Robinson whose concern is also “forced migration,” and Madame Christiane Taubira-Delannon, a Member of Parliament in France who has also introduced a Bill for Reparations for Slavery. All of these letters are representative of our pleas for Reparations to pursue genuine happiness for ourselves and for our children

We are very encouraged that funds amounting to $ 5,402,850,000 are appropriated for assistance for the Middle East: Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, the West Bank and Gaza under the “Economic Support Fund and other determinations. Please know that we beseech President Clinton and Congress to provide restitution to those of us who choose to relocate to the lands of our nativity. Specifically, we, the Seed of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob would like to Exodus to Jordan and establish housing, a farm and farm equipment, K-12 school for our children, a health clinic, and small business loans for our livelihood.

We hope that you will understand that our request is not unfair nor out of greed, but rather is an effort to amend the wrongs of the Powers involved in the African Slave Trade and correct the injustices, inequalities, and many sufferings that are yet evident throughout the society today. We hope that you will consider that we do pay taxes and that much of our monies are allocated to foreign countries. However, now, we would like very much to have financial assistancce for our re-establishment in Jordan and, more importantly to worship and serve our GOD as did the Biblical Israelites, our forebears. Please give this matter your immediate attention, as we look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible


Tziona Y.Nelson

The LawKeepers, Co