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December 23, 1999

Lord Anthony Gifford
122-126 Tower Street
Kingston, Jamaica

Dear Lord Gifford:

Re:Reparations for Survivors of the TransAtlantic/African Slave Trade

It was indeed a great pleasure to receive your letter.  Your response was most welcomed, and I thoroughly appreciate your sharing the "Report of A Debate on Reparations" that you initiated in the House of Lords in 1995.   As you will see, I actually found it quite inspiring.

Please know that I have read every single word of this document, and I am most grateful for your courage and all the obvious efforts and energies that you expended in preparing and presenting it before the House of Lords.<
BR> Although it would appear that all hope is lost from how these members of the House of Lords have responded to your request for Reparations, it should be realized that they actually, unknowingly of course, provided us with much advice regarding exactly how we should proceed with strategies for obtaining Reparations.  Our TRUMP CARDS are facts and issues about Slavery that these members of the House of Lords find revolting and do not want reflected on them or their children.  Nor do they want it revealed that it was their evil, Christian character that helped to perpetuate enslavement of human beings and that initiated treatment of them like animals.  They do not want to hear anything that will make them sense guilt for what they have done because they can't bear knowing that they were/are capable of such atrocities.  They don't want to hear that descendants of Slaves are also victims of these atrocities that they inflicted on our forefathers.  They don't want it exposed that today's racism, discrimination, and prejudice against Blacks, and ideals about White supremacy are direct results of Slavery.  And they flatly refuse to accept the fact that their enslavement of helpless human beings for hundreds of years that led to the death of millions of men, women, and children was their means of becoming economic giants and world powers.  You hit many raw nerves, Lord Gifford, and the same ingenuity and efforts would be even more successful in realizing our endeavors to secure Reparations from every country that was involved in the Slave Trade.

The matter at hand now is to inspirit the grass roots and  get these facts and information to them and to the media just as the White Jews have recently done with their shrewd moves to obtain Reparations for what they call "slave labor" at the time of the European Holocaust.

We, LawKeepers, Co. are Hebrew Israelites from the Seed of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and we have evidence to prove this assertion.  Our desire is to move to a friendly country and worship our GOD in our "New community."  I, personally, have moved to Jordan (also part of the Holy Land) and other families plan to follow.  Our hope is to buy housing, build a K-12 school, establish a farm and buy farm equipment, build a health facility here in Jordan, and start small businesses.  And we plan to do so with Reparations from the African Slave Trade.  We have not abandoned our dreams to pursue happiness - on our terms - for ourselves and for our children.

I also gathered that these members of the House of Lords are willing to participate in an international funding program for descendants of Slaves, as they do not want the full economic responsibility.  However, there is one thing they mentioned that does hold merit.  And that is regarding the fact that millions of dollars have indeed gone to African countries but only to be misappropriated by corrupt leaders. Because this happened and continues to take place, I would hesitate to buy into such a proposal again, especially given the unstable atmosphere that exists in many countries in Africa today. Therefore, I would prefer for Reparations to go to individuals or more realistically and sensibly to "Black Communities" established in other countries for those who wish to leave the lands of our captors and establish legacies for our progeny (that we never got the opportunity to do) just as the Slave Masters left for their children. The same concept would be used for those who wish to remain in the United States or other country that prospered due to Slave labor.  I cannot think of any other feasible and equitable manner to resolve the distribution of the Reparations monies, whereby, everyone can benefit and the funds not be mishandled.

I am sharing all this with you, Lord Gifford, simply because we cannot give up.  We cannot stop fighting for that which is rightfully ours.  I know you exhausted yourself before you wrote your report.  And I can imagine how you were thoroughly dismayed, annoyed, and wearied at the members of the House of Lords as you listened to them joke and minimize the devastating facts regarding the TransAtlantic/African Slave Trade.

However, we should be used to this rejection, disdain, and humiliation by now.  We know that the powers-that-be are not going to hear us until we astutely band together and demonstrate.  In the past, this is how we got attention, and unfortunately, it is the only way we can get it.  The Million Man March unnerved and scared the devil out of White folks in the States. And although nothing positive came out of this March, it proved that Black folks are able to come together in large numbers and make a statement.  Well, it's that time, again.   Not under any circumstances can we just sit back and keep a low profile on this most important matter and allow the Reparations struggle to fade away into oblivion.  We just can't let it happen.

We, LawKeepers, Co. have written letters to almost everybody who is anybody and to no avail.  We have been respectful to all we have approached, and we have used diplomacy in our efforts to get those in power to hear us.  Now, it seems necessary to use other tactics and call for a REPARATIONS NOW MARCH in every major city and in all countries that have large populations of Blacks, namely in Europe, the Americas, and in Africa.  I don't have to tell you that it's the squeaky wheel that gets immediate attention.  And Blacks don't get respect until we start congregating in large numbers.   Presently, we are in the process of getting information to this effect on the World Wide Web, on college campuses, in the media, in government, at the United Nations, and all over the World.

Our objective is to encourage members of all governments to support us, enable us to speak at the United Nations, and assist us in establishing an International Fund for survivors of the TransAtlantic/African Slave Trade. And if the U.S. and United Kingdom are not responsive, we can start litigation proceedings at the World Court or wherever this notion is feasible to denote that we, Blacks, are indeed shunned, avoided, and evaded and are not given an equitable opportunity to air our concerns while other groups are permitted to do so.

I am very interested in knowing your thoughts on this matter, and I pray that you will be just as inspired as we are to work towards this goal and advise us of other strategic tactics.  I realize that you are no longer a member of the House of Lords and that you are committed to the responsibilities of your present profession.  But, Lord Gifford, I beg of you to please find the time on the side to continue pursuing Reparations for survivors of the Slave Trade.

Looking forward to hearing from you with great anticipation.


Tziona Y. Nelson
The LawKeepers, Co.